NRSCCA Points and Awards

NRSCCA supports several types of points series. All Nebraska Region members are eligible for year-end awards.

Activity Points

Dale Flesher Memorial

Activity Points events are designated by the Board of Governors at the beginning of the year. Typically, there is one (1) Activity Points event per month. Activity Point events can be any type of event including Solos, RallyCrosses, and Road Races. Points are awarded as follows:

To be eligible to earn a Novice/Rookie award, a member must have joined the Nebraska Region during the current or previous calendar year. In the case of a minor, eligibility begins when they are old enough to compete in the event in classes other than those limited to minors. Members will not be allowed to receive the same novice award two years in a row.

Class Champions (Solo and RallyCross)

These events are designated at the beginning of the year as either Solo Points events or RallyCross Points events. Points earned are for finishing position only, as follows:

Driver of the Year (Solo and RallyCross)

Outstanding Gymkhana Driver and RallyCross Driver of the Year

These events are designated at the beginning of the year as either Solo Points or RallyCross Points events. Points are earned for the designated events in the same manner as the Class Champions, with additional rules as follows:

Divisional and National Events: Driver of the Year competitions add designated Divisional (or National Challenge) events and National Championship events, as follows:

Points & Awards


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2017 Activity Points *Final*
2017 Solo Points *Final*
2017 RallyCross Points *Final*


2016 RallyCross Points as of 10/15
2016 Solo Points *Final*

Points & Awards


2015 RallyCross Points *Final*
2015 Activity Points *Final*
2015 Solo Points *Final*


2014 RallyCross Points *Final*
2014 Activity Points *Final*
2014 Solo Points *Final*


2013 RallyCross Points *Final*
2013 Activity Points *Final*
2013 Solo Points *Final*

2012 - Final

2012 Solo Points
2012 RallyCross Points
2012 Activity Points

2011 - Final

Final 2011 Solo Points
Final 2011 RallyCross Points
Final 2011 Activity Points

2010 Final

Final 2010 Solo Points
Final 2010 RallyCross Points
Final 2010 Activity Points

2009 Final

Solo Points
Solo Driver of the Year
RallyCross Points
Activity Points

2008 Final

Activity Points | Rallycross | Solo Points | Solo Driver of the Year

2007 Final

Activity Points| Solo Points | RallyCross