NRSCCA Points and Awards


The Nebraska Region, SCCA has many year-end awards that are presented based on several point systems. All regular, spouse, family and First Gear members of the Nebraska Region are eligible to receive points based on their participation in SCCA events. Members first become eligible to receive points during the month in which they join the Nebraska Region. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the pointskeeper of events held outside the Nebraska Region. In the case of ties, duplicate awards will be made.

To be eligible to receive a novice award it must the first year of membership in which the individual could have competed for the award.

Activity Points and 100% Club

The Nebraska Region Board of Governors will designate one event for each month as the Activity Points event. The member receiving the most Activity Points during the year will receive the Dale Flesher Memorial Award. Any member participating in all of the Activity Points events will be named a member of the 100% Club.

Members receive 10 points for attending an Activity Points event. Additional points are awarded based on working or competing in the event. A first place finish in each class earns an additional ten points. Nine points are awarded for second place and so on down to one point for tenth place. The eventmaster receives first place points (10) and an assistant eventmaster earns second place points (9). All other workers receive third place points (8). For club races, first place points will be awarded to the Race Chairman and Stewards. Specialty Chiefs will receive second place points. All other race workers will receive third place points. Note: Anyone that both runs and competes in any event forfeits his worker points and will receive points based on his finishing position.

An SCCA member that does not attend an Activities Points event but does participate in another SCCA event the same weekend will still receive ten attendance points but will no longer be eligible for the 100% Club.

Solo Awards

Each year the Nebraska Region will hold a series of Solo Points events. Drivers will receive points in the classes in which the compete based on ten points for first down to one point for tenth place. Because the eventmaster is not allowed to compete in a Solo, he will receive first place points in the class of his choice. No other workers will receive Solo Points. At the end of the season point totals will be calculate by dropping the lowest scoring event. Class Championships will be awarded to drivers that lead their class in points and participated in over half of the Solo Points events. No driver will be named the champion in more than one class.

The Gymkhana Driver Trophy is presented to the Solo Driver of the Year. Points are presented at the regional Solo Points event as for class championships. In addition drivers will receive points for competing in the MiDiv and National Solo Championships. Drivers receive ten to one points for finishing in the top ten in their class. They will also receive a point for every car in their class that they beat up to a maximum of ten points. It is possible to earn a maximum of twenty points at the MiDiv or National Solo Championships. The point total is calculated from the regional Solo Points events, the MiDiv Solo Championship and the National Solo Championship. Points can be earned in any class and the two lowest scores will be dropped. The driver with the highest point total will be the Solo Driver of the Year.

The Novice Solo Driver of the Year is the novice (see definition in the overview section) scoring the most

RallyCross Awards

RallyCross Class Championships, RallyCross Driver of the Year and the Novice RallyCross Driver of the Year are determined using the same procedures as the Solo Awards.

Road Rally Awards

The National Rally Driver and the National Rally Navigator awards are based on performance at regional TSD rallies and up to two TSD rallies that qualify for earning national SCCA rally points held by other regions. The driver and navigator will receive ten through one points for finishing in the top ten at regional TSD rallies. At out of region TSD’s they receive five through one points for finishing in the top five in your class plus an additional point for each team they beat in their class up to an additional five points. No points are awarded for working a rally however you must have worked a regional TSD rally in order to receive a year end rally award.

Best Event Awards

Competitors in each Nebraska Region event will be asked to rate the event. The event receiving the highest average rating from Nebraska Region members will be named the Best Event of the Year and the eventmaster will receive the Byers Memorial Award. The rallymaster for the highest rated TSD rally will receive the Bly/Gross Memorial Award. In order to qualify for a best Event trophy, over 50% of the competitors (member and nonmember) must have rated the event.

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